Detroit-area power customers can opt for "Time-of-Day" electric rates

Proponents of electric vehicles point out that one of the benefits to the way EVs get their power is that they often recharge their batteries overnight, when most electric power plants are operating at lowered capacity and rates are cheaper. Detroit Edison, an electric utility company in Southeastern Michigan, is now offering customers a "Time-of-Day" rate plan, and EV or plug-in hybrid drivers in the area should take note. The company didn't spell out exactly what the different rates are, but customers who opt for the plan will pay less for the power they get between 7 p.m. and 11 a.m. The company says that residential customers who shift some of their electricity usage to these off-peak hours "can potentially save about $85 annually just by switching to this plan." I wonder how much someone who charges up a car at night can save.
[Source: Detroit Edison]

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