It seems that a small, but vocal contingent of TV viewers found a recent ad for the Hummer H3 to be offensive enough to make some phone calls and in turn, cause some tweaking.

The ad in question, for those of you who didn't see the spot, depicts two gentlemen crossing each other's paths at the grocery store. One arrives at the checkout stand with tofu and the other arrives with large piles of dead animal flesh. After grimacing at his lack of intestinal dominance, our tofu-consuming protagonist leaves the grocery store and drops his hard-earned cash on an H3. The tagline displayed after our hero is wolfing down a burger behind the wheel proclaims, "restore your manhood." That final line is what seemed to get Modernista's minions into trouble.

To rectify the situation, GM has changed the final line to read, "restore the balance." What that means is open to debate and, well, that's why there's a comment section.

[Source: Automotive News]

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