In Britain, a different rally championship -- for slot cars!

Have you ever fancied yourself the Colin McRae of slot car racing? If so, you need to get on a plane to England next month. Toyota and Britain's National Slot Car Collector's Club (NSCC) have partnered to hold Slot Rally GB at Toyota's British HQ on September 23 and 24.

Organizers expect somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 cars to participate in the rally, which, like a real WRC event, will pit competitors against the clock as their 1/32 scale racers traverse different stages with varying track conditions such as wet and/or loose surfaces. There's even a hill climb stage that looks like it'll be pretty tricky to navigate. Entrants will be broken down into five different classes depending on what kinds of cars they run, and there'll be daily, overall, class, and special prizes awarded throughout the two-day meet.

The whole thing sounds like a blast, and really, how could it not be? !t's about racing model cars for prizes and glory! The very idea has us looking longingly at the Scalextric catalog. Lastly, Slot Rally GB benefits a worthy cause. All profits from the event will be donated to The Children's Trust, a UK charity that helps kids who are disabled or have other special medical needs.

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[Source: Toyota/NSCC]
Slot Rally GB Slot Rally GB Slot Rally GB Slot Rally GB Slot Rally GB


Slot Rally GB – Britain's Biggest Small Car Rally

Toyota and the National Slot car Collectors Club (NSCC) have joined forces to stage the UK's largest ever slot car rally. The event will be run like a real rally, against the clock over multiple stages on different surfaces. It will take place at Toyota GB's headquarters, near Epsom, over the weekend of 23 and 24 September, 2006. Up to 200 cars are expected to enter in classes covering the modern WRC, historic and classic rally periods.

Slot cars, more familiarly known as Scalextric in the UK, are a perennial favourite of dads and lads. Today's models are just like their full-size counterparts, with four-wheel drive, suspension and tuned-up motors, only in 1/32 scale. The challenge remains the same as ever: how fast can you go without coming off the track? Up to 100 contestants each day will compete on approximately 20 special slot rally stages. Many of the stages will be landscaped with scenery, loose surfaces and even a water splash.

More than 1,000 visitors to the Toyota stand at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed had a chance to try out one of the custom made stages, a six-foot high hill climb complete with a castle at the summit and sheer cliff faces awaiting any car that slid too wide on the hairpin bends.

For those who do not want to enter the rally but fancy coming along there will be plenty to see and do at the event, with displays of real rally cars, the Toyota F1 simulator and slot car tracks for spectator use. There will also be a 'swap meet' with 50 stalls selling everything you need to get started, or to make good use of that Christmas present languishing in the loft.

Features of the event include:-

* 20 slot rally tracks
* Slot Rally GB competition
* Public play tracks
* Manufacturers' displays and tracks
* 50 swap meet stalls
* Toyota F1 Race Simulator and WRC cars on display
* Historic rally cars on display
* Café and other excellent facilities
* Special limited edition slot cars available

The event will be open from 11.00am until 5.00pm on both days. Admission prices are £4 for adults and £1 for the under 16s; children under 12 get in for free if accompanied by an adult. Entry in the Slot Rally GB costs £6 per car; details are available on-line at

All profits from the event will be donated to 'The Children's Trust'. Based in Tadworth, Surrey, this national charity works with children who have multiple disabilities and complex health needs.

Slot Rally GB – The Competition

Competitors can choose to enter on either or both days.

The competition will be for 1/32 scale slot cars on approximately 20 rally 'stages' made up from various brands of slot track and custom made wood/copper. Some will be fully landscaped, most will have elevation changes; some will have loose surfaces and at least one will be wet.

The Cars

Slot Rally GB comprises five categories; Classic (pre-1970), Historic (pre-1980), Rally Super Car (pre-1990), Modern WRC (post-1990) and Rally Raid (Paris-Dakar type vehicles). The time periods refer to the real car, not the age of the slot car.

The Slot Rally GB web site ( lists hundreds of suitable cars, all off-the-shelf models made by brands such as Scalextric, SCX and Ninco. There are also hundreds of model kits available to build your own competition cars. There will be a special prize for such entries.

The Prizes

There will be prizes for each day's competition and overall for first, second and third in the five classes, plus other special awards such as the Spirit of the Event (as judged by the organisers) and a Ladies Cup (best female driver).

Full details are given on the web site (

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