eBay Find of the Day: jet-powered shifter kart

What is it with slapping jet engines on all forms of four-wheeled machina? The latest is this one-of-a-kind shifter kit with a jet engine built by "Turbo" Tim Arfons, according to Winding Road, who is the son of Bonneville Salt Flats legend Art Arfons. The kart features a JFS100 turbine that was commandeered from its previous life as a starter for the main engine of an A-7 Corsair fighter plane. The jet engine can spin to a lofty 72,000 rpm and run on either jet fuel, diesel or kerosene – whatever's handy. As far as the seller knows, the kart can at least reach 100 mph if not more. The asking price for the Jet Kart is $9,000 O.B.O., and so far only two offers have been made for the kart and its rolling carrier.

[Source: eBay via Winding Road]

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