Survey finds half of UK motorists want elderly drivers banned

A survey of 300 drivers in Britain conducted by found that almost half believe elderly drivers are to blame for country's horrible traffic and should be banned from driving during peak hours of congestion. Other findings reveal that about two-thirds of those surveyed believe elderly motorists can't handle modern road conditions and 49 percent believe that our elders' perceived slow and erratic driving actually causes accidents.
The insurance company who conducted the survey, however, believes that its findings aren't supported by the statistics. The survey did reveal that many drivers stereotype older motorists as bad drivers, but the insurance company points out that they're more experienced and often more careful motorists than the average driver.

The subject of when a person is too old to drive is certainly a touchy one because it involves a person's freedom of mobility. There's no magic age when the ability to competently operate a motor vehicle disappears, but certainly some of our parents and grandparents have past the point where they can safely roam the open roads.

[Source: WhatCar?]

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