The incredible Ferrari Enzo Targa

As a disclaimer, we'll say up front that this custom Ferrari Enzo targa is not new news. After some research, we discovered a Road & Track article from November, 2005 that was written by the car's owner, Richard Losee. Mr. Losee's Enzo might be the most driven Enzo on earth, as at the time of the article he had just passed 20,000 miles and it's reportedly a daily driver (!). In fact, it's been said his Enzo was the first that Road & Track got its hands on to test (Ferrari doesn't do media vehicles).

Okay, back to the roof, or lack thereof. Losee purchased a second set of doors from Ferrari and put the original pair in storage. A local Ferrari body shop then went to town and turned Losee's Enzo into the rarest of the rare – an Enzo Targa. Creative or sacrilege, call it what you want, but it's like no other Enzo on earth. And the sound from the front seat has got to be pure auto porn.

(Check out more angles of the Enzo Targa after the jump)

[Source: JabbasWorld]

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