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Enough with the tips! We give you the Hyanide...

It's not an automobile. It doesn't even have wheels per se. But the Hyanide concept has prompted an army of Autoblog readers to send in tips, and who are we to ignore a mob? The Hyanide, so named for its striking visual similarity to the hyena that roams the plains of South Africa, is part snowmobile, part motorcycle, and part ATV. The vehicle's claim to fame is its mobility even under duress -- we'd wager the thing could scoot you out of quicksand if you were so unfortunate as to happen upon some -- thanks to the flexible treads and impressive control. The special tank tread is comprised of hard plastic segments covered in tire rubber and connected with Kevlar rope. The special riding style allows a rider's hands to turn the handlebars while his/her feet torque the back end in the same direction, all of which allows for sharp cornering and mad hill climbing skills.

Too bad for us, though -- the vehicle only exists as a 1/5 scale model with no plans for production. Doh! We'd still recommend a trip to the source for a 3-D look at the Hyanide, though.

Thanks to the fervent masses for the tip!

[Source: Popular Science]

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