S-Class hybrid to launch in 2008

Thomas Weber, research chief for DaimlerChrysler, revealed to the German magazine Wirtschaftswoche that Mercedes-Benz plans to begin rollout of its hybrid S-Class sedans by 2008. "We're well on track and will bring a competitive concept to the market at the start of 2008," Weber said.
The hybrids were unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor show last year. The S-Class hybrid will be a "mild" version similar to the Honda Accord. Mild hybrids are primarily powered by an internal combustion engine with electric motors providing assistance. Full hybrids such as the Toyota Prius or Ford Escape alternate between their gasoline or electric motors depending on driving conditions.

The article did not state why the automaker did not use the two-mode hybrid it developed with GM and BMW or whether it will either be a "Direct Hybrid" or the Bluetech version or both.

[Source: Wirtschaftswoche via Reuters]


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