Marcos to debut new GTC coupe

British sports car builder Marcos Engineering is set to unveil a its new TSO GTC model next week in London, ahead of the British Motor Show. Autocar reports that the GTC is a new version of the TSO GT2, priced in the neighborhood of $90,000.
The GTC is powered by a 6-liter Corvette V8, massaged to produce "a uniquely engineered exhaust note." With the GTC weighing in at a svelte 2,500 pounds, the 0-60 sprint takes only 4.2 seconds, with the 0-100-0 test requiring only 13.2 seconds.

The tubular spaceframe GTC chassis is built for Marcos by Prodrive, and the company is headquartered at the Prodrive campus in the British Midlands. Annual production of the new GTC is slated to be between 50 and 100 units, making it a very exclusive ride. More news after the unveiling - stay tuned!

[Source: Autocar]

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