Job openings in the automotive industry

Increased sales, a bigger need for technical knowledge in mechanic jobs, more financing activity and longer hours are all reasons that dealerships across the United States have over 100,000 job openings, which is why dealers have launched a campaign to push dealership-related careers with teens and college students.

Among the perks of working at a dealership is that, in many cases, employees don't need a college degree. The recruiting efforts by various regional dealer associations target groups that meet their needs -- in Texas and Florida, dealers are wooing women for sales jobs. In Cleveland, dealers are looking for business-oriented college students to fill marketing and other business jobs. Other areas trying to recruit mechanics have to overcome the grease monkey stigma in favor of the high-tech direction in which that career is moving.

In states like Ohio and Michigan, the loss of manufacturing jobs makes dealer recruiting all the more important -- the jobs are lucrative, at least for those who apply themselves, and they are a way to stay in the auto industry.

[Source: Detroit News]

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