Hotter Than Stock: Mercedes CL AMG sport package was nice enough to tip us off about the AMG sport package for the new CL, which gives the new uber-coupe a nice, aggressive exterior makeover. Instantly identifiable as AMG equipment, the front spoiler, side skirts, revised rear, and new wheels are seriously good-looking upgrades. Best of all, they're not overstated. Visit eMercedesBenz for more angles and higher-res photography.

No word on what the package adds to the base vehicle cost, which is another tidbit eMB got a hold of. The CL500 will retail for north of 91,000 Euros while the CL600 has a sticker of 129,000 Euros. Neither of those includes VAT, which drives the cost up by thousands more. No word yet on the US pricing, but you know, if you have to ask...

Going back to the sport package -- if this is how good the regular CL looks when dressed in AMG threads, then it's a safe bet that the full-zoot AMG car (CL63 or CL65? Place your bets...) should be a car to lust after.

Thanks to for the heads-up!

[Source: eMercedesBenz]

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