Mercedes readying BMW X3-fighter?

Well, Detroit's automakers may be struggling with their SUV models, but that's not stopping Europe's luxury brands from filling out their sport-ute lineups. The latest rumored entry in the soft-roader wars is the Mercedes Benz GLK, which comes to us courtesy of the Photoshop wizards at Auto Bild.

The baby GL will go up against the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5 in the entry-level luxury SUV segment, and offer both RWD and AWD powertrains, the latter to be based on the 4Matic version of the new C-Class. The RWD GLK will be offered with either a new 2.2-liter, four-cylinder diesel or a 3-liter V6, while the AWD version will be available with either a 3-liter diesel or a 3.5-liter gasoline engine.

Auto Bild reports that we can expect the GLK to hit the market around the end of 2008.

[Source: Auto Bild via]

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