Tailgate of a Lifetime Tailgating Championship

Are you ready to put your tailgating skills to the test? The Lifetime television network and official NASCAR chef Mario Batali (now that's an odd pairing if ever there was one) are currently looking for the ultimate tailgate party for their "Tailgate of a Lifetime Tailgating Championship" contest. Entrants are required to submit a 250-word submission that details their top five tailgating tips and favorite, original tailgating receipe. Entrants are also encouraged to submit visual media such as photos or videos demonstrating tailgating expertise. (Partying, that is, not drive-wise.)

The contest is running now through July 26. Finalists will be requested to cook their submitted receipe as well as two others. The prize is $10,000 and a prize package. Additional information can be found at the link.

[Source: TailgateofaLifetime via The Car Connection]

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