Significant alternative fuel investment in pollution plagued area of Michigan

An energy research park in Alma, Michigan, aims to bring $4 billion in investments and 1,500 jobs to the area, which has been plagued by environmental problems due to pollution from former chemical plants and petroleum refineries. An initial investment of $574,520 by Winter Park, Florida based Sawruk Management Inc. purchased 400 acres of land from the city of Alma, near a former Total Petroleum refinery. The purchase signals the first step in establishing an ethanol plant. Sawruk wants to acquire 2,000 to 3,000 acres to focus on a variety of alternative energy sources and collaborate with Midland, Mi based Dow Chemical Co. While many believe this project will be an economic shot in the arm for the area, the energy park seems abstract to many residents, since the proposal is mostly in the concept stage at this point, even if Sawruk wants to break ground by fall.
[Source: The Saginaw News]

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