Dodge's drifting Charger debuts

Amidst the hoopla surrounding the release of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Universal Studios held a Drift Party in its parking lot where Dodge quietly parked its Mopar-powered Charger drift car that will eventually be driven in the Formula D professional drift series by Samuel Hubinette.

Dodge unveiled a version of its drifting Charger at last year's SEMA show in Las Vegas, but it wasn't race ready and featured many bits and pieces that were tacked on for show. The car that will actually compete gets a much smaller hood scoop, less pronounced fenders and ditches the carbon fiber rear wing out back. A more realistic set of 19-inch Racing Hart wheels and Brembo brakes also replaces the show setup on the SEMA vehicle.

Tire-shredding power will be provided by a Mopar 392 crate engine capable of producing 650 horsepower on 104 octane fuel. Considering this Charger weighs 900 lbs. less than a consumer Charger R/T, we're pretty sure Hubinette will be able to dominate the field like he's been doing in his Viper drift car.

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[Source: IGN]
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2005 Dodge Charger / Mopar drift show car - SEMA 2005

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