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What's the weak spot in Chinese auto industry's armor?

Are the Chinese automakers' entry into the international auto market truly a threat to powerhouses like General Motors Co., Toyota Motor Corp., or Volkswagen? Chief analyst Jia Xinguang of China National Automotive Industry Consulting and Development Corp. has strong doubts.
Xinguang, who has been involved in the country's automotive business since 1978, states the Chinese have little experience in attracting and retaining "international talents": employees willing to move and stay to develop the country's industries. He points to the domestic automaker Dongfeng which, located in a remote mountain area, has difficulty even attracting native Chinese to the region, never mind a GM engineer from Southern California.

Worse, Chinese automakers most likely won't be able to provide the tools to which such talented individuals are already accustomed, like working environments ideas or designs can be openly expressed. Foreign prospects may also be put off that they need to be involved in Chinese politics if they want to move into management positions, which are commonly held by communist party members.

[Source: BusinessWeek]

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