Biodiesel plant makes less fuel, more jobs

A biodiesel plant in Durant, OK, is decidingly taking a different tack to society's "more automation, less employees" business model. Earth Biodiesel is eschewing such a view and hiring more personnel to work the plant while simultaneously remaining competitive. How? Earth Biofuels Director of Communications Rob Reed told the Durant Democrat newspaper, "The Durant facility is not automated, in part, because it's intended to provide jobs. The federal biodiesel subsidy is part of the JOBS Act, and the company receives a state employment tax credit. So there are incentives, in addition to the benefits of employing people. The Durant facility will also operate 24/7 with 4.2 shifts when it's running at full capacity; many other biodiesel facilities don't run around the clock."
The company had determined that 148 employees is the best number to run the plant while still taking advantage of the tax credits. While we have to admit we don't understand the particulars, we wish the company the best especially in such a tough industry.

[Source: Durant Democrat]

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