Nissan breaks ground in Tennessee

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn picked a busy time to move his company to suburban Nashville, what with a huge new lineup of vehicles, quality problems that need mending and 57-percent of his workforce sticking around California and all. But as Ghosn mentioned, there's really never a good time for a move, is there?

I guess we'll find out. Nissan offically broke ground yesterday on its Franklin, Tenn. corporate headquarters, where 43 percent of Nissan's workforce (and around just 20 percent of its upper-level management) will emigrate to support the company in its time of need. It might take two or three years to gain momentum after such a disruption, but Ghosn asserts that it will prove to be delayed gratification in the sweetest sense.

Among the improvements Ghosn promised include sales of 4.2 million units, hitting margins of eight percent and getting a 20-percent return on invested capital.

[Source: ThCarConnection]



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