GM vs. the NY Times - Part II

General Motors and Thomas "The Mustache of Wisdom" Friedman already went one round last week when the New York Time writer's strongly worded column triggered a rebuttal on GM's Fastlane Blog, but this particular maelstrom is too good to end there. The story now picks up at the General's FYI Blog, where we get to read about the automaker's trials and tribulations at getting a "letter to the editor" published in the Old Grey Lady.

GM originally submitted a 500-word response to Friedman's 800-word column, but the Times requested that it be limited to 175 words. Further negotiations resulted in a 200-word limit, but then the Times objected to GM's use of the word "rubbish" when describing Friedman's rant, stating that "it's not the tone we use in Letters". GM finally requested that its letter not be run in an excessively edited state, obviously feeling a bit miffed at the lack of an opportunity to address someone who equated the company to "a crack dealer" for offering incentives on its SUVs while ignoring the same actions by other automakers.

GM does commit a bit of a 'net faux pas by publishing its e-mail communications with the Times, but at least it's an amusing read [PDF warning].

[Source: GM FYI Blog; HT: Kaus Files]

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