Ford sends not-so-funny joke to fired worker

Michael Stawasz was one of 4,000 salaried workers at Ford who lost his job last January when the company launched its Way Forward restructuring plan. Stawasz was nine months short of his 30th anniversary with Ford, which meant he narrowly missed being able to retire with full benefits. About two dozen other ex-Ford employees are suing the company to get the benefits they feel they've earned, so imagine Stawasz's surprise when he received the above certificate in the mail along with a letter from Bill Ford Jr. congratulating him on 30 years of service.

Does Bill's well wishes mean Stawasz and his colleagues will be getting their full retirement benefits? Not according to Ford, which says it didn't mean to insult but rather wanted to honor the defendants. Also included in the package from Ford were plastic rings to determine the right size for a celebratory ring and a catalogue from which to pick a gift. Full retirement benefits were not to be found in the catalogue among the gifts for which Stawasz was eligible.

[Source: Detroit News]

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