British Ultima sets new 0-100mph-0 world record

For the third year in a row an Ultima GTR supercar has set a new world record for a standing start to 100 mph and back to a stop. The Director of Ultima Sports, Richard Marlow, set a new record time of just 9.4 seconds, in the process setting new world records for 0-60 mph (2.6 seconds), 0-100 mph (5.3 seconds) and for braking from 100 mph to zero (in a neck-stretching 3.6 seconds).

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This year's Ultima GTR record holder was upgraded with a 720 hp Chevrolet V8, and is now known as (what else?) the Ultima GTR720. The record setter was fully road legal, equipped with street tires, and outfitted with a standard G50 transmission. Amazingly, the record car has neither traction control nor ABS.

The ultralight Ultima GTR720 is a full two seconds quicker from 0-100-0 than the legendary McLaren F1 LM, and over 1.5 seconds quicker than a Ferrari Enzo.

The Ultima is sold in the U.S. as a kit car (see photo!)

Marlow's supercar is his daily driver and a company demonstrator, and was driven to and from the world record test site! A video of the record run is here.

[Ultima Sports, via PistonHeads]

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