On 6/6/(0)6, Autoblog remembers "The Devil's Highway"

With Tuesday marking the date 06/06/06, it seems only fitting for Autoblog to spare a moment to remember U.S. Route 666, variously known as The Devil's Highway and The Highway to Hell.

In fact, Route 666 was the highway to Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. The number refers to the fact that the road was the sixth branch of Route 66.

With various groups living along the highway attributing the unusually high rate of traffic deaths on 666 to its devilish number, first Arizona, and then New Mexico, Colorado and Utah successfully petitioned the federal government to change the number of the road, which is now known as Highway 491.

Some good Route 666 ghost stories can be found here. Meanwhile, the legend lives on in a host of souvenirs and memorabilia.

[Source: Prairieghosts.com]

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