Camaro convertible already approved?

Haven't gotten the latest issue of Motor Trend in the mail yet, but this article from references the current July issue out on newsstands that claims General Motors has already approved a convertible Camaro for production. Umm ... now we all know the Camaro Concept (and the Dodge Challenger Concept, as well) will likely go into production, but last we heard the business case was "still being fleshed out." Reportedly 100,000 Camaros will need to be sold in order for Chevy to start profiting from the Camaro's return. A convertible model would no doubt help the cause, so we're not surprised it's on the table. Indeed, debuting a Camaro Convertible Concept in the intervening years before the actual coupe goes on sale will keep the car's buzz at a fevered pitch until production starts sometime in 2008 or 2009.

Check out another sketch after the jump, both of which are courtesy of John McBride as seen in Popular Hotrodding.


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