Another Ferrari crash in SoCal, this one a double-fatality with possible police involvement

Another Ferrari has left the road in Southern California, this time a 1993 Ferrari Testarossa in the outlying areas of western Los Angeles, resulting in the death of its two occupants. Although the names of the deceased have not been released, signs at the scene reportedly indicate that one of the two victims was an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer. Reportedly, the driver lost control at high speed, launching the straked supercar into telephone pole, causing it to flip in the process.

High profile, So-Cal prancing-horse pileups have been in the news more than usual lately, with the extended antics of Stefan Eriksson and his imaginary friend Dietrich's spectacular Enzo crash continuing to dominate the headlines more than three months after the accident.

An investigation into Tuesday's Testarossa crash is underway.

[Source: The Los Angeles Times]

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