Comment Corner: Casual Carpooling

In response to the post, NuRide redefines carpooling, reader Trenton writes:

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we have Casual Carpool, which is very similar. Riders wait near bus stops and subway stations and drivers swing by. The carpool lanes are 3 in a car, so the driver picks up 2 people, and off they go. I've done it for years, as have many of my friends. No one has ever experienced a problem. Maybe it's safer here than where you guys live.

Trenton provides a link.  The simple rules, developed over 25 years, include no-line jumping while waiting for a vehicle, no payment, and silence unless the driver starts a conversation. Drivers waiting for passengers are advised to not block driveways or side streets. Note that two people can use certain car pool lanes if their vehicle is specifically built for two people (i.e., roadsters like the MX-5 or Solstice).

Have you ever used a carpooling service? Would you ever carpool? Have your say in 'Comments.'


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