Mosler announces first production car with carbon fiber wheels

Mosler Automotive has announced that the company's MT900S will be the first production vehicle to be factory-equipped with carbon fiber wheels. Mosler gave the nod to wheel and composite technology specialists Dymag to develop the 18- and 20-inch magnesium/composite wheels for its mid-engined supercar.

Dymag has offered composite motorcycle wheels for some time, but the Mosler is the first production car to carry the lightweight rollers. And we mean light - the Mosler's front wheels come in at 14 pounds, and the rear wheels at 17.5 pounds, making each wheel more than 10 pounds lighter than the OZ forged aluminum wheels they replace. Given such a sizeable reduction in unsprung weight, fortunate buyers can expect huge dynamic benefits in almost every aspect of the car's on-road performance, particularly because the MT900S weighs just 2,450 pounds (1,950 pounds in the "Photon" version).

[Source: Sports Car Market]

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