Women still frustrated when buying a car

Carmax, Inc., recently conducted a poll asking women if their car-buying experiences have changed since its 2004 survey. The results showed virtually no change, with "A quick, effortless transaction" (21 percent), likable and trustworthy sales personnel (15 percent), and pricing (14 percent) continuing to be cited as the lacking the most among the 9,800 participants. Says CarMax vice-president Donna Wassel, "Women continue to experience stress when buying a car as demands on their time and the need for convenience increases."

She provides ten tips for women to ease their shopping experience including asking plenty of questions, getting referrals, and using the Internet to obtain all necessary information on any desired vehicles. Sounds like good advices for all shoppers, regardless of gender.

Click through to the link for Wassel's list of tips.

[Source: PR Newswire, CarMax]

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