Hot Rod's Drag Week 2006 to separate the real street cars from the poseurs

Anyone that has followed the "real street" aspect of drag racing over the last decade or so has certainly noticed the evolution of these vehicles from hopped-up weekend cruisers to what basically amount to race cars with license plates. In an attempt to bring this style of racing back to its street-car roots, Hot Rod will be bring back its Drag Week for a second year this coming September.

The concept is quite simple - race at six drag strips in six nights, with several hundred miles of driving sprinkled throughout the abbreviated week. Competitors will be allowed to make several passes at each strip, with the lowest elapsed time (E.T.) of each day averaged to determine the winner in each of the four classes. No trailering or support from chase vehicles is allowed, and if a car breaks down, it has to be fixed right there on the spot to continue with the competition. While the four-state trek isn't exactly the equivalent of the grueling One Lap of America, it's still quite an intimidating task for vehicles designed to run a quarter-mile at a time.

Check out Hot Rod's site via the link below for the contest rules, and while you're there, browse through this year's entrants.

[Source: Hot Rod Magazine]

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