Zen and the auditory art of automaking

Beyond sensual sheetmetal and generous performance envelopes, traditionally one of the best things about exotic supercars has been their melliflous engine rumblings and sonorous exhaust notes. For many a gearhead, the piercing shriek of a fine Italian V-12 is auditory mechanized sex.

But the importance of the sounds that a vehicle makes - be it an engine's song, tire thrum, or wind noise has become increasingly critical as manufacturers look to further distinguish their vehicles from competitors.

MSNBC's Roland Jones examines the growing importance of 'sound engineering' in the modern automobile, and how automakers are going to great lengths to create compelling sonic experiences.

What do you think... how important is the way a vehicle sounds in determining how you feel about it?  Make a bit of noise yourself by leaving a note in the 'Comments.'

[Sources: MSNBC; Autodrome-Cannes.com]

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