Consumerism Prius style

While I have no business writing about fashion, I wanted to point you to a WIRED article, which reports on a number of environmentally aware high style clothing and accessories lines. Market research has shown that many hybrid drivers bought their cars more for the statement and less for the potential fuel savings. In addition, it showed that hybrid buyers generally have a higher household income. Similar motivations for the early adopters of solar power were found. While what you drive might make a statement, what you wear can make an even bigger statement, and a number of green apparel companies are trying to cash in on the affluent hybrid buyers market. While the movement might be small now, a number of bigger names are showing interest in the movement, which could bring green aesthetics to a local store near you. And just in case you wondered about the automotive content in the article, the belt pictured here is made from recycled tires.
[Source: Wired, with a tip from Joel A]

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