Dodge Challenger a little closer to reality

DaimlerChrysler is a wee bit closer to putting some retro muscle into its lineup with the Dodge ChallengerAutomotive News hit up Chrysler Group's executive VP for global sales and marketing, Joe Eberhardt, for a few answers regarding the pony car, and Eberhardt says that the company may have come up with a viable business plan for production.

As expected, the plan involves building the car on the Magnum/300C/Charger platform, which would require a small expansion in production. Price point for the niche vehicle would come in above the mass-market Ford Mustang, and whereas the Mustang only sells V8s in about 30 percent of its vehicles, Dodge would offer V8s in all or almost all of its Challengers.

[Source: Automotive News via Autoweek]

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