Gentlemen, start your go-carts! 49th Annual Purdue Grand Prix

As a collective of car nuts that only begrudgingly let go of our adolescence, as Autoblog staffers can't help ourselves... we love go-carts. Whether dicing it up with our co-workers, friends, family, progeny or significant others, there's little malaise that a few minutes in a sweet-running shifter cart can't cure.

Which is why we're excited about today's 49th Annual Purdue Grand Prix, the self-proclaimed 'Greatest Spectacle in College Racing.' The event has been a staple at the university since 1958, and strikes us as a great way to blow-off steam before the crunch of final exams set in.

With major sponsors including Toyota, Michelin and Coca-Cola, this isn't just a few inebriated fratboys and gals mixing it up in dodgy converted Lawnboys, we're talking about a major race that takes place on a replica of the Japanese World Kart Championship Track with $5,000 carts powered by Yamaha KT-100 engines.

A field of 33 drivers will take the green flag in a 160-lap (50 mile) race later this morning. Gates open at 10 AM Eastern, with sprints starting at 11:30 AM, 12:10 PM, and 12:50 PM. The Grand Prix main event starts at 2:30 PM, so if you're at all in the neighborhood, turn off your computer and get down there!

More details at the link.

(Thanks for the tip, James S!)

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