Paris Hilton has fun, fun, fun 'til her Daddy's casino takes the Bentley away

We shouldn't be shocked when it comes to Paris Hilton. Between that video tape, Carl's Jr. commercial, and her acting in Simple Life (she's acting, right?), the heiress' high jinks have become as predictable and commonplace as overhyped movies in the summertime.
Still, when our sib-site Luxist reported that Ms. 'That's Hot' gambled away her Bentley in a poker game, even we were taken aback. Especially when it was reported it was in her family's casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. Doesn't the house always have an advantage? She even left the paparazzi stunned as she handed the keys to the winner.

Her parents, though, were not pleased and have forbidden her from gambling in the casino again. Hmmm.... wanna place bets when she heads out to Monte Carlo?

[Source: InTheNews via Luxist]

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