Rain-X versus PPG Aquapel: Grudge Match

Autoblog reader Josh Wardell, who loves his MINI Cooper very much thank you, has posted an interesting comparison test between the well known windshield treatment called Rain-X and a lesser known competitor named PPG Aquapel that's usually used by service professionals rather than vehicle owners. We hadn't heard much about PPG Aquapel so we were interested to learn which product Wardell found to more effectively whisked away rainwater over a period of time.

The results from Wardell's unofficial comparison test were surprising. After having applied both products to separate sides of his MINI's windshield, Wardell waited for rain and then taped the results at various stages, all the way from day one to day 72. What we learn from Wardell's accompanying video is that both windshield treatements need speeds above 40 mph to whisk rain away effectively, but that the windshield wipers dramatically reduce the effectiveness of Rain-X over time, whereas the PPG Aquapel side was still effective after 60 days.

How many of you out there have had the chance to try Aquapel and were your results similar? Any Rain-X defenders out there who'd like to speak up?

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