Six years on, French automaker Peugeot is finally seeing one of its environmental initiatives bear fruit... so to speak. 

The manufacturer actually began a forestry project back in 1999 by embarking on a plan to build a living 'carbon sink,' in the form of two million trees. Six years on, Peugeot's Fazenda São Nicolau forest (in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso) is coming of age and is now able to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

When it undertook the plan, Peugeot actually started out by figuring out how much C02 its vehicles produce, then it picked a commensurate number of trees to plant in an effort to level the environmental scales.

According to new analysis, the forest has already zeroed out some 55,000 tons of CO2.

[Source: MotorTorque via]

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