Grassroots Motorsports super-long subscription deal

If you’re like us you hate getting those last few issues of a car magazine with the cardboard covers urging you to renew now before your subscription runs out. Most of us have begun buying the years in bulk, and one of our favorite rags has begun offering a long-term deal to end all deals.
Grassroots Motorsports, one of the best underdog car mags in the industry, is offering a 10-year subscription for $99.99 until April 30th. Normally we don’t make an effort to hock on behalf of print mags, but GRM isn’t like the big dogs and we respect them for that. Their yearly track Challenge full of homebrew sports cars is worth the hundie alone, in our opinion.

Normally a year-long sub is $19.95 for eight issues, so if you plan on still being around in 10 years this new deal will definitely stretch your dollar even further.

[Thanks Bill for the tip!]

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