No "V-Series" hot-rodding for Caddy's SUVs

ChevroletJeep, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz may be in the business of building hot-rod sport-utility vehicles, but don't expect Cadillac to join in the fun. While there will be two different versions of the Sport package available on upcoming SRX revision, and the Escalade ESV will receive a Platinum package (with heated and cooled cupholders, natch), don't expect any of the automaker's V-series magic on Caddy's two-box vehicles. Too bad - while we're not sure that the 'sclade really needs more than 403 HP, it would have been interesting to see what could have been if a slightly detuned LS7 made its way between the frame rails. And what better way to poke rival Mercedes in the eye than to drop the supercharged Northstar into the SRX? 

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[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]


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