Toyota's 2006/2007 Tundra tightrope

Toyota unveiled the 2007 Tundra pickup at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year. The automaker, however, doesn't want potential customers to wait for the new vehicle, which won't arrive at dealerships until early next year.

So the company is spending millions on incentives, low interest rates, and other strategies to clear out this year's model. According to, Toyota spent on average $4,485 in incentives on each Tundra its dealers sold last month. That is considerably more than the $2,911 and $700 the company spent in February 2005 and 2004, respectively. The article does point out, though, there was a sales dip on many Toyota vehicles back in February 2006 which may also account for the larger figure.

Financial incentives are not the only strategy the company is using, though. In Chicago, Toyota may have deliberately shown the new model two floors below the current version to prevent people from comparing the two and, again, waiting for next year to make their purchase.

[Source: Express News]

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