Ferrari unveils blogs for motorsports, owners and staffers

Actually, three blogs in one: the Felipe Massa blog, about the driver's experiences as a rookie with the Ferrari F1 team; the FW Staff blog, with posts by the FerrariWorld staff; and the cryptically-named Box Ferrari blog, a sort of user community blog. It's all brand new, so the content is a little thin as yet.
The blog is part of FerrariWorld - Ferrari's official community web site, which covers everything to do with the cars, racing, and the company. If you haven't checked out Ferrari World, the site's worth a look-see, with lots of current and historical information, as well as some stunning images.

Visiting the blogs requires a free Club Ferrari membership, but posting requires a 25 euro annual membership fee. On the upside, paying members get a chance to host their own mini-blog on the Box Ferrari site, plus real-time news and other bennies.

You'll find FerrariWorld here, and their blog here.

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