Will playing the "American card" save the domestics?

If you look at what’s hot right now, American muscle is in and Ford, the German-owned Chrysler Group and General Motors are cashing in. The Ford Mustang and Chrysler 300 not only look like they drove out of a different decade, they also have the same rear-wheel drive layout and slab-sided bodies as the cars we remember fondly.
This is the “American card” that Keith Naughton writes about in the current issue of Newsweek. He believes that falling back on their revered and respected heritage will save the domestic automakers from the obsolescence with which they’re confronted in the face of foreign competition.

Some say that the “American card” is nothing but a white flag being waved to indicate these automaker’s are out of fresh ideas. While we admit retro designs can often go horribly wrong, we can’t help hiding our excitement for what Naughton says Detroit has coming down the tailpipe.

GM – RWD family sedan inspired by ’67 Chevy Impala and a RWD Solstice-based convertible inspired by Stingray
Ford – Fairlane to replace minivans with 50’s-era woody wagon styling
Chrysler – Next-gen minivans to front the 300’s handsome face

Photo credit: Dynamic Duo for Newsweek

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