Columbine BMW back up for sale

We had reservations doing another post on the sale of Dylan Klebold’s BMW because it’s such a disgusting tale, but hopefully it leads not to more bids for its purchase but more outrage that someone would use the car’s notorious history for financial gain.
After having their auction of the 1983 BMW 320i removed from eBay at the site’s insistence, the owners of the vehicle have constructed his own site for the purpose of selling the car –

The unidentified sellers insist that the car’s sale is in no way meant to trivialize the tragedy. That claim is hard to believe considering the auction will end on April 20th, the anniversary of the school shooting, and that the owners may publish a “Best of” section on their site highlighting some of the hate mail they’ve received.

How did the BMW end up in the hands of such people, you may ask? Klebold’s parents donated it to Vehicles for Charity, which then sold it at auction.

[Thanks Dave for the tip]

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