Toyota, Chevrolet winners of Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America

Vincentric, who provides vehicle value especially for fleet sales, announced this week its winners of its 'Best Fleet Value in America' awards.

Toyota Motors won 12 of the 29 vehicle segments such as ‘Mid-Size, over $23,000” and “Compact Pickup”. Chevrolet was in second, securing 8 segments such as 'Subcompact', 'Large SUV, under $40,500', 'Full Size Cargo Van' and most of the Pickup Trucks and Cab/Chassis main category.

Other winners include the Mazda3 for ‘Compact, over $17,000” and Volvo for “Near Luxury” and “Luxury” segments.

More information on Vincentric can be found at the link.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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