Project 1221 announces new project: the Aellopous

Project 1221, the company behind the biggest piece of automotive vaporware since the Skycar, has announced that in addition to its pair of gas turbine-powered MF1 supercars, it’s been secretly working on a third model called the Aellopous.
The Aellopous will be a more accessible model than the MF1 supercars, able to reportedly deliver exhilarating performance from a smaller gas turbine powerplant due to its lighter weight. The company’s website states the Aellopous will work well as a daily driver but can also handle the long hauls between your imaginary mansions in L.A. and Miami. Fortunately it can be ordered in both left- and right-hand drive and will be road legal the world over.

Total production of the Aellopous will be extremely limited. So far this company’s total production has been extremely limited. It hasn’t produced a single vehicle as evidence of its intentions since it began back in 2001.

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