Auto companies make a mark on Fortune's Most Admired Companies list

Erin noted Toyota Motor Company's impressive 9th-place ranking on Fortune's 20 Most Admired Companies list; unfortunately, there are no other automotive companies that made a similar impact. When it came to knocking auto companies in a wide array of categories related to business performance, though, we saw plenty of familiar names. 

Least Innovation - Ashbury Automotive Group(#8); Worst People Mangagement - Delphi (#4); Worst Use of Assets - Delphi (#1), Visteon (#6); Least Socially Responsible - Federal-Mogul (#5), PACCAR (#8); Worst Management Quality - Delphi (#6); Worst Financial Soundness - Delphi (#1), Visteon (#7), Federal-Mogul (#8); Worst Long-Term Investment - Delphi (#1), Visteon (#8); Worst Product Quality - Navistar (#10). No, I didn't intentionally leave out any automotive companies who ranked on the "Best" lists; there simply weren't any.

Don't put too much weight in these lists, though; after all, Altria was named one of the Most Socially Responsible companies. I personally think that a number of automotive companies were slighted by their lack of inclusion on the Best Product Quality list; are we really to believe that a health-insurance company and the New York Times are worthy, but yet not any of the automakers? Bah.

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