Dead man parks illegally, gathers three parking tickets

I'm not quite sure how to work up to the punchline here, so I'll just state it flat-out - someone was discovered dead of an apparent heart attack in his Mercedes-Benz SUV, but not before he was issued three tickets for parking in a no-parking zone near Peoria's Methodist Medical Center.

The man was reported missing three days prior to his discovery, which was made by a passer-by and not the officer who issued the parking tickets. Poor visibility into the cargo area, where the victim was found, was said to be a factor. I would think there would be some sort of tie-in between a missing persons report and the entry of the vehicle's license plate number, but apparently not.  

I'm pretty sure that the moral of this story is not to suffer heart trouble in the back of a vehicle with tinted windows, even just outside of a hospital. Man, maybe cops really do have the public's best interest in mind when issuing tickets for window tint. OK, probably not.

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