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Koenigsegg CCX goes for top speed title with 900bhp!

You would think that when a company like Bugatti builds a $1 million super-duper car like the Veyron that the top speed title would sit pretty for awhile. The fact that the Veyron's terminal velocity is already being contested is proof positive that the supercar segment is once again healthy enough to support some friendly competition.

Perhaps the only production car in the world that won't resign its life to the rearview mirror of the Veyron will be this car, the Koenigsegg CCX that debuts in Geneva next week.

David Naylor received some inside info on the CCX that reveals Koenigsegg is aiming for 900bhp and a top speed greater than 400 kmh, or 248.5 mph. The Bugatti Veyron has been clocked around 407 kmh, or 252.9 mph, so the Koenigsegg will have to pull a few extra ticks out of its pocket if it hopes to match the current king of the hill.

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