That's right, you can own Tony Stewart's sweaty -- unwashed -- Old Spice towel, which is to be auctioned off by Old Spice for The Victory Junction Gang Camp charity. According to a media advisory put up on PRNewswire yesterday, "during an average race, temperatures inside Tony's car reach up to 150 degrees, and he can lose several pounds of sweat.  Tony relies on Old Spice antiperspirants, deodorants and body washes to stay cool and smell great both before and after a race." Umm... bread smells good after being warmed to 150 degrees. Home fragrance oil smells good when it's warmed to 150 degrees. As nice a guy as #20 might be, somehow we don't think anyone in a 150 degree full race suit and helmet could have a similarly pleasant smell, Old Spice or no. 

But hey... it's for charity, people-- so if you fancy Tony Stewart's perspiration excretions, by all means... head on over to eBay.


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