Lamborghini to unleash Murciélago LP640 in Geneva

In the relentless siege of one-upsmanship that is the global supercar war, Lamborghini has once again fired the latest salvo, this time in the form of its Murciélago LP640.

To be unveiled next week in Geneva, the 6.5-liter, longitudinally-mounted dozen-pot powerhouse will be paired with a new six-speed cogbox or the company's e-gear paddle-shifter.

The .3-liter increase and inclusion of Lamborghini's new 'Thrust' electronic launch control is credited with a 3.4 second naught-to-sixty sprint, some .4 seconds quicker than those oh-so-pedestrian 6.2-liter models. According to company scuttlebutt, the LP640 will confetti your license to the tune of at least 210 mph.

Other LP640-specific refinements include variable-valve timing, drive-by-wire throttle, and optional ceramic brakes to stop the madness quickly. External differences include new front and rear bumpers, along with a different rear defuser that better integrates the exhaust work. Inside, a revamped IP, seating, and stereo should render the Good Life that much better.

Oh, and if you're one of those showy types that can't bear to cover up their V12, you might be in luck... Lamborghini will apparently offer to fit a clear engine shroud.

[Source: Top Gear]

(Thanks to all the tipsters out there who snagged this one!)

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