Pontiac Torrent awash in criticism from USA Today

Not that many a journalist were standing in line to review the Pontiac Torrent, but James R. Healey appears to be the lucky first to codify into words our feelings about Pontiac’s new addition.
In short, the shortcomings of the Chevy Equinox have been ported over to the Torrent intact. Healey rightfully points out that GM has pledged not to badge engineer its vehicles this way any longer, so hopefully the Torrent is merely a painful reminder of how things used to be run in the hallowed halls of the Ren Center, and not how they will be in the future.

Despite the laundry list of misses for which Healey nails the Torrent, he does offer up some bullet points of what it does right, at which the top of the list is its handsome exterior. In this town, however, looks will only get you so far.

[Thanks for the tip, Slim]

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