Chi-town residents vote for best in show

Though we’ve been privy to the sights and sounds of the Chicago Auto Show already having attended the event during press days before it was open to the public, the citizens of Chicago are just wrapping up their encounter with the concept and production cars on display at McCormick Place.

The organizers of the event have been keeping a running tally of how the citizenry regards this cache of cars and the results so far have been predictable and surprising at the same time.

The Ford Shelby GT500 seems to be the production vehicle most likely to succeed, having earned 42 percent of the “Best New Production Vehicle” vote.

For the rest of the results so far follow the jump, and visit DriveChicago if you want to cast a ballot yourself. If you need to be reminded what's on the show floor check out our Chicago auto show category and relive the excitement.

[UPDATE: Voting closed merely an hour after we wrote this post. Check out the final results here.]
In a showdown reminiscent of the Detroit auto show, the Dodge Challenger Concept and Chevy Camaro Concept are duking it out for “Best Concept Vehicle”. The Challenger’s leading with 35 percent of the vote and a 5 percent cushion.

As for the “Best World Introduction”, the surprising front-runner is the Dodge Rampage Concept with 17 percent of the vote.  Our favorite intro, the Toyota Tundra, is way down the list with only 7 percent of the public’s favor.

The “Best Exhibit” honor will likely go to Jeep, which was chosen on 32 percent of the ballots cast, and the more subjective category of “Vehicle I Most Want To See In My Driveway” is tied at the moment, with the Camaro and Challenger each attracting 17 percent of voters’ hearts and minds.

Of course, if you’ve kept up on our Chicago auto show coverage then for all intent and purposes you’ve been to the show and back already. You don’t have to pay an admission fee to get in on the voting, just visit DriveChicago and let your voice be heard.

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